Features to be added

These are the features I'd like to work on. You can vote for each category by just sending to the respective address an amount that represents your interest in it. You can also send me your suggestions by e-mail (thewonderwallets at gmail dot com) or at the forum (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=382155) naming the category and the numbers of your preferred ones.



1. Show transaction history of each address when clicked

1.1. Show messages
1.2. Show # of transactions
1.3. Show # of sent / received
1.4. Show # of confirmations of last transaction

2. Show custom numbers / calculations in each wallet

2.1. Price of the bitcoins when they were purchased and a graphic to show the difference
2.2. Quantity to be achieved in any currency, and a graphic showing that

3. Checkbox for count / don't count the balance of each wallet for the total balance

4. More currencies, please! (which ones?)



1. Allow to order wallets
2. Allow to order addresses within wallets (by balance, by date, or arbitrarily)
3. At least, allow to add addresses in between others



1. Allow to choose colors and/or beautiful fabric backgrounds for each wallet
2. Allow to hide addresses
3. Allow to upload a background image
4. Allow to choose differente themes (dark and light, to begin with)
5. Other customizations (say which)



1. Set an alarm (and/or send an email) when price goes under or above certain value
2. Set an alarm (or just blink address) when an address or a wallet receives money
3. Calculator (to make free calculations based on the actual market price)
4. Keyboard shortcuts!
5. Edit, add and delete the useful links below quotation



1. Share a view-only screen (to share a group of wallets without giving rights to modify the lists)

1.1. With fixed controls or not (i.e.: show only a market and a currency)
1.2. Modifiable by the author or not (it would be a carbon copy or a live one)

3. Import / Export wallets / account
4. Duplicate accounts